Samuel Palmer/Romanticism

Samuel Palmer

influences the modern, idealisation of the rural and the past romantic painter devotee of william blake founder of the shoreham ancients (retrospective sentimental) projects ideology and ideas onto his depiction of landscapes middle class, surrey square growing middle class area

1851 more people live in cities than in rural areas 1850 polarity between industrial cities and idealised rural landscapes britain at war with napoleon bonaparte supported by industrial revolution, finance is growing, infant mortality at 25%

paradise lost, john milton

father john linell, commercial artist linell against religious institution, palmer member of anglicn church linell introduces palmer to william blake

francis oliver finch the dell of comus enlightenment vs Romanticism influenced by blake

Shoreham Ancients

Group of artists formed around 1824, decieded to move from East London to Shoreham, Kent to live a rural life. moves from london to a rural area

vaughan williams Fantasia on a theme of thomas tallis vaughan williams part of shoreham ancients?

the ancients highly idealise shoreham

morning Samuel Palmer: Early Morning, 1825

using textures to describe different planes hermetically sealed image rennaissance

calvert Edward Calvert: The Ploughman, 1827

Edward Calvert shows an image of a mythical version of the past rather than the present. His work is full of symbolism, Greek mythology and Christian figures.

edward calvert, the bride christian symbolism again

samuel palmer, rustic scene gum arabic, looks old very quickly similarities in composition between images, strong focus on central element (moon)

palmer, a shepherd and is flock under the moon

palmer, coming from the evening church

Although Palmer looks back at a past that never existed, his means of communication are modernist. He simplifies shapes, colours and textures down to their essence to make his message more impactful.

People Palmer had Influence on

Ideology of Sentiment

modernism is about utility but draws back to the past

to move forwards you have to look backwards