Edd Harrington Anthony Sheret

Colophon Type Foundry

The Entente

Network of dif­fer­ent peo­ple and stu­dios with dif­fer­ent skills can re­spond to lots of dif­fer­ent jobs Be­spoke type­faces for big and small or­gan­i­sa­tions

Commissions as a Testing Ground

Colophon build their own cus­tom tools, soft­ware, con­tent man­age­ment sys­tems and most im­por­tantly type­faces for most of their pro­jects.

Outside In

Stephen Gill book de­sign cus­tom type­face rel­a­tive book of­ten start with one one spe­cific weight for one use case and ex­pand the fam­ily from there pro­por­tional type­face with the feel­ing of a mono­spaced every let­ter stays the same width across all weights

Stuart Griffiths

No Cash Value

Hotshoe Magazine


ba­sis grotesque hot­shoe own ma­te­r­ial off white and reg­u­lar cut. off weight slightly heav­ier for coloured back­gru­unds, uk road sign face

Stanley Barker

http://​stan­ley­barker.co.uk/ Cus­tom font based on unica: Grotesk 54

La Fabrique

Documents de­sign process in a vi­sual way

Nasty Gal

Gif showing various specimen images of the NG Grot typeface

Nasty Gal is a fast-grow­ing clothes brand. They work with lots of dif­fer­ent de­sign­ers, free­lancers and in­terns, so they needed some way to in­tro­duce con­sis­tency. A full brand styleguide would have been too lim­it­ing, so Colophone de­signed three be­spoke type­faces for them.

Blog Post about the Project

Castledown School

Type specimen showing different cuts of the castledown typeface.

Three dif­fer­ent cuts:

  1. Castledown Regular
  2. Castledown Fun (rationalised comic sans)
  3. Castledown Cursive & Castledown Cursive Instructional

The cur­sive ver­sion was a tech­ni­cal chal­lenge, they used Open Type to cre­ate nat­ural lig­a­tures be­tween chrac­ters, each char­ac­ter has up to 14 dif­fer­ent ver­sions styl­is­tic al­ter­nates

Wired Article on the Project

Five Years