The Great Exhibition of 1851

What happens in the 19th century anticipates the developments in the 20th century.

studio job appearance plate, 2006 robert dawson after willow, 2004

we look to the past to build the future

william morris: the past is not dead, it is living within us

industrial revolution factories brought a new emerging middle class (factory owner) which make their lives more comfortable and have money to spend end of romanticism

birth of consumerism, beginning of designer age

chippendale pattern book rise of mail order catalogue

josiah wedgewood

The great exhibition and the crystal palace of 1851


Design Reform 1

Response to the low standards of British design 1836 report says arts, good design don't get enough support 1837 planned network of design schools (Camberwell) and establish museums of art free for the public

Henry Cole

Founder of the V&A

Design Reform 2 (Arts & Crafts)

question the hierarchy between fine arts and design medieval / gothic japanese / asian arts and crafts using materials appropiately

inspiration traditional craftsmanship rustic forms nature (advances in science) the grammar of ornament

gothic architecture, typography houses of parliament 18376 look like a gothic church

Morris & Co. est 1875

The redesign of victorian england The red house as testing ground All sorts of craftsmanship

The V&A itself is part of the exhibition

Art Nouveau

Bauhaus Dessau 1925