Where do Ideas Come From?

Being dis­at­is­fied with your own work


Northumberland Childhood mem­o­ries go into work Comic books En­cy­clo­pe­dias Sci­ence Fiction Dark Cartoonists

Normal Life Book

Newcastle Art School Royal College of Art Pan Books

du­ran du­ran mer­chan­dis­ing

nme ed­i­to­r­ial comics, let­ters col­umn rock­ets pass­ing over head

Captain Star

star Edward Gorey

il­lus­trated books that wer­ent for chil­dren non lin­ear sto­ry­telling, leave or­der­ing to the reader, leave sto­ry­lines open

rock­ets, a way of life

cap­tain star mer­chan­dise

cap­tain star picked up by the ob­server

pete bishop

mer­chan­dise goes back into an­i­mated se­ries day of the zooties

zeit mag­a­zin cap­tain star

trans­la­tion into ger­man, puns need to be changed, art needs to be changed erika fuchs


trans gen­der drag man tell me all your se­crets nud­ists nor­mal sex blooms­bury mean­ing of things brad­ford an­i­ma­tion fes­ti­val 2011, reusing an­i­ma­tion from 20 years be­fore