Steven Appleby


Where do Ideas Come From?

Being disatisfied with your own work


Northumberland Childhood memories go into work Comic books Encyclopedias Science Fiction Dark Cartoonists

Normal Life Book

Newcastle Art School Royal College of Art Pan Books

duran duran merchandising

nme editorial comics, letters column rockets passing over head

Captain Star

star Edward Gorey

illustrated books that werent for children non linear storytelling, leave ordering to the reader, leave storylines open

rockets, a way of life

captain star merchandise

captain star picked up by the observer

pete bishop

merchandise goes back into animated series day of the zooties

zeit magazin captain star

translation into german, puns need to be changed, art needs to be changed erika fuchs


trans gender drag man tell me all your secrets nudists normal sex bloomsbury meaning of things bradford animation festival 2011, reusing animation from 20 years before