The emergence of the Avant Garde

Fin de Siecle Establishment is in crisis "god is dead" radical artistic and political movements come up dada/futurism/duchamp/suprematism Avant Garde

fountain 1917

modernism is a response to the crisis of modernity

the cabinet of dr caligari

dada born out of the horrors of the first world war, which in their eyes came out of capitalist interest. Didn't trust reason and logic, rationality of capitalism wanted to create a new language that wasnt given by the authorities

francis picabia hannah hoch new forms of typographic expression

futurism optimism technology speed, movement social tranformation

brings rise to fascism


pressures of modernity can bring a violent response futurists glorify war

Otto Dix

lived through both world wars references art history war gainst war by ernt friedrich

goya disasters of war

unflinching portraial of people, war victims

the trench 1932

entartete kunst