The emer­gence of the Avant Garde

Fin de Siecle Establishment is in cri­sis “god is dead” rad­i­cal artis­tic and po­lit­i­cal move­ments come up dada/​fu­tur­ism/​duchamp/​supre­ma­tism Avant Garde

foun­tain 1917

mod­ernism is a re­sponse to the cri­sis of moder­nity

the cab­i­net of dr cali­gari

dada born out of the hor­rors of the first world war, which in their eyes came out of cap­i­tal­ist in­ter­est. Didn’t trust rea­son and logic, ra­tio­nal­ity of cap­i­tal­ism wanted to cre­ate a new lan­guage that wasnt given by the au­thor­i­ties

fran­cis pi­cabia han­nah hoch new forms of ty­po­graphic ex­pres­sion

fu­tur­ism op­ti­mism tech­nol­ogy speed, move­ment so­cial tran­for­ma­tion

brings rise to fas­cism


pres­sures of moder­nity can bring a vi­o­lent re­sponse fu­tur­ists glo­rify war

Otto Dix

lived through both world wars ref­er­ences art his­tory war gainst war by ernt friedrich

goya dis­as­ters of war

un­flinch­ing por­tra­ial of peo­ple, war vic­tims

the trench 1932

en­tartete kunst