Oscar Fischinger

Moving image, moving painting theory is practice, seeing hstorical work gives you authority to talk about your own work

KREISE ein farbenspiel von oscar fischinger visual music, absolute film abstraction wasnt as common in the early 20th century pushed narrative aside, make room for motion, shapes, colours, search of the absolute relationship between image and sound is explored

film as modernist art loads of different movements in different countries and things

modernism film is not to be confused with hollywood cinema

charlie chapln modern times modernist concepts like man vs machine

fischinger more poetic

jacques tati playtime

commercial film dealt with fictional realism, like painting as painting moved on to cubism and shit so did film and music

film was attractive to move on the avant garde

paul klee came from a musical background, had influence on fischinger

viking eggling, hans richter, walther ruttman

viking eggling diagonal symphony

walther ruttman, lichtspiel opus 1, 1921

NOT unobjective art, fischinger preferred absolute film absolute: fundamental opposition to the realistic, reprodicttive cinema, rather look at spiritual world

though th went away from photo realistic represantatin, but were still interested in physics, biology, speed, human gesture

human movement rather than mechanical movement

oscar fischinger studies stude 6

5000 drawings per movie, never re used a frame charcoal on paper as opposed to after effects and photoshop

syudy no 7

screened across europe, usa, america hugely popular because of syncronisation with music, began as ads for records, thus first music videos nazi regime made it more difficult

busby berkely very elaborate, hube numer of props and actors

for fischinger artist = authorship working with raw material, bring things back to he primitive artist as sole author of the work handmade, craft, rather than collaboration

the composer of the future and the absolute sound film music was always just to help the audience

he wanted to visualize music without sound

ornament sound experiments

i have been able to determine ... ornaments produce sound

ornaments are music

gaspar color film process

composition in blue kreise -> essentially ads for the film process would later cut off the ad element at the end

worked on disney fantasia

fell out with disney, bc his designs were too simplified and abstract

allegretto (RATATOULLIE)

inspired by california, art deco, skyscrapers

an optical poem (BUGS BUNNY) elements of 3d, done with 2d tools

radio dynamics visual music

constantly claimed his films were no illustration of music

fischinger brandenburgisches concert 3 bach directly onfluence by contemporary abstract painting

went on to do just painting