Don’t get a job, make a job is out - it’s £5.50 on Amazon You don’t nec­es­sar­ily have to go through the tra­di­tional process of in­ter­view­ing and be­ing em­ployed to find suc­cess

The fu­ture is­n’t just about new tech­nolo­gies, new in­ven­tions and whizzy me­chan­ics - it’s not just about new things for new peo­ple. In the short term, the fu­ture is about cre­at­ing a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of the now

Designers are fu­ture mak­ers

We plan, draw, pro­to­type things that don’t yet ex­ist

By spot­ting your own niches and needs, you can get start do­ing the work you’re in­ter­ested in with­out spend­ing six months go­ing through a tra­di­tional em­ploy­ment process.

Gavin Brown

Gavin Brown Website

Started as an arts grad­u­ate in new­cas­tle, moved to NY and wanted to put on an ex­hi­bi­tion could­n’t af­ford a gallery so rented a ho­tel room for two weeks every per­son got their own key­card and got their own pri­vate view of the show you don’t have to throw money at things, you can find dif­fer­ent so­lu­tions for things

With the money gone, noth­ing is at stake; any­one can do what they want - brown for ny times 1994

Started out putting up shows in brighton, put up in­stal­la­tions in toi­lets at brighton fringe fes­ti­val 12 months later tiny tate ex­hi­bi­tion

###Being a writer

In ar­chi­tec­ture there are tons of boxes to tick be­fore you can work, de­fined by in­s­tu­itu­tions and stiff that does­n’t ex­ist in writ­ing, there’s no bar­rier to en­try mag­a­zine wanted to show a piece of fur­ni­ture but did­n’t want to pay, so made a trade where they could fea­ture it but I got to write an ar­ti­cle

moved on from re­port­ing about other peo­ple’s work to pitch­ing opin­ion pieces this led to be­ing sent on trips around the word to talk to peo­ple and write

How do you com­pete among the in­creas­ing num­ber of de­sign grad­u­ates?

You don’t Get a Job” in the same way you don’t get a free lunch”. You have to cre­ate your own op­por­tu­ni­ties and make the job you want to be do­ing.

Four ex­am­ples from the book

Specialise or di­ver­sify?

concrete Fabrice de Nezet (Oh look an­other white dude), Fashion for con­crete. Developing a style that is in­stantly rec­og­niz­able as yours can be a good thing. Allow your work to de­velop slowly from the pre­vi­ous one, rep­e­ti­tion can be a pos­i­tive mea­sure

WAI Architecture think tank (what ex­actly is a think tank again?) Garcia Frankowski, Intelligentsia. (It’s all the same two peo­ple, they do ar­chi­tec­ture, writ­ing, cu­ra­tion, art, de­sign). WAI Website

coffee packaging Jose Garrido (Yay white dudes). Won a pack­ag­ing de­sign con­test for cof­fee (I think de­sign con­tests are bull­shit) also cre­ated a type­face which he won an award for on be­hance (not a fan of be­hance). Quit art school and is now do­ing comis­sions for com­pa­nies like Nike, Volkswagen. Jose Garrido Behance

Mega. Managed to get a po­si­tion as art di­rec­tor by cre­at­ing his own pub­li­ca­tion (NYC Rules!). Mega Website

Bureau Spectacular Bureau Spectacular Website