Sophie Demay

Does exhbittion and art stuff publication stuff writes about design curator teaches lcc, camberwell

lets talk about 3 projects

1. design, art direction

brussels museum (villa empain)

villa in brussels from the 30s, refurbished and is now doing art shows building is a non-neutral container filled with marble and stuff, interesting to see how curators work with that Work with textures, colours from the building

Repetitiion in french this means both Repetitiion and rehearsal people were moving artworks during the show, always left one room empty so things could move

sent instructions to curator and photogtaer on how to document the show

typeface by radim pesko, Larish neue


what does it mean to embrace the decorative as a fundamental part of art shiny paper that catches the light, adds to the preciousness of the exhibition typefaces: some sort of copperplate Grilli Type: series of publications and exhbittions


2. Open Books

explores connections between printed objects and exhibitions publication is built from the research that leads up to the correxponding show. spiral bound so it can grow with the project Volumes (Chapters) a. primarir research b. stuff that was publised as a leaflet fro the show c. catalogue d. archiv of teh second exhibiton in paris a year later e. invited 9 artists to help with the lat chapter, sent them each books that challenge the form of the books. They returned contributions

aslo did a live edit of the chapter at x marks the bookship. things were made, performed, read.

first showhired a librarian every day each person had to order the books every morning people were encouraged to mark a page in the book and the librarian had to document what was going on. Marked pages were copied and obund into a new book whihch was then added to the echibition - reader takes an active role

facing pagesjames langdon stuart whipps examining the relationship between two facing pages in a bookalso made this into a performance

the family of man

pitch for slow motion

Visual essay type thing

  1. programme for teh lecture series trying to anticipate what is going to happe WARBURG this german art histroian who made plates of different images that were somehow related as a teching tool, changed the way we understand art hisyory mnemusyne atlas the warburg institue

idea of stories in your weork where does it coe from probs comign from me, whenever i work on a book i try to bring storytelling into it. My books often don't start with the title page. It comes from film and other stuff im interested in. I'm interested in thinking about the booka as a film, that's why im amking films of me flicking through books see if its different than a pfd bridges bewtweeen film making and art and design and performance

theme of collaboration, do you contact people you dont knwo, is it people you know from college etc for most of my projects i try to get the perfect person to help me with it. I always try to invite people to collaborate. MOst interesting collaborations happen with people who ahve different skillsets and come from a different backgroud. 1+1 = 3 and stuff. GIves you confidence to commit time and recources. EVen for teacing I bring in people to write briefs