Careers and Employability: Creative Attribute Framework

Jan 13 friday ca­reer skill thing Make a list of stuff you are good at 4 things to re­search when you’re writ­ing a cv, mak­ing a pitch etc

Creative Attributes Framwork

el­e­ments that are part of you per­son­al­ity

Learning out­comes

you should know what each briefs ex­pects you to learn


ca­reer plan­ning thing has job pro­files writ­ten by re­cent grad­u­ates

job de­scrip­tions

Use lan­guage that is used in job prospects when you are writ­ing your CV, it’s not about be­ing teh most orig­i­nal per­son. Look at cur­rent job of­fers to find out what in­dus­try is ask­ing for, keep up­dat­ing your CV. This will help you build a well-ar­tic­u­lated pic­ture of what you’re able to do.

ar­tic­u­lat­ing skills

for every skil you have you should have a story about the time you used the skill to good ef­fect. A frame­work for telling a good story about a skill:

(acronyms are stu­pid)

Use re­search tech­niques when it comes to writ­ing CV, plan­ning your ca­reer and things


skills list