Careers and Employability: Creative Attribute Framework

Jan 13 friday career skill thing Make a list of stuff you are good at 4 things to research when you're writing a cv, making a pitch etc

Creative Attributes Framwork

elements that are part of you personality

Learning outcomes

you should know what each briefs expects you to learn

career planning thing has job profiles written by recent graduates

job descriptions

Use language that is used in job prospects when you are writing your CV, it's not about being teh most original person. Look at current job offers to find out what industry is asking for, keep updating your CV. This will help you build a well-articulated picture of what you're able to do.

articulating skills

for every skil you have you should have a story about the time you used the skill to good effect. A framework for telling a good story about a skill:

(acronyms are stupid)

Use research techniques when it comes to writing CV, planning your career and things


skills list