Rosalie Schweiker

Studied fine art in devon ma in fine art at camberwell Started a thing called "the emely" (which is her gran) named it after her gran bc she didn't want to put her name on it, wanted to be more collaborative made her studio space into a cafe type thing, people on the course sharing what they're working on her debate show was more a series of discussions debates and stuff diversity stuffs usually i start my work by being angry about something made a thing similarites between the bra world and the art world trying to fit everyone into the same template

big art / big bras as an artists that doesn't really make objects it felt wrong to have to make something that can be put into a show made this show in germany about bras the response of people who saw the show was more interesting than the response from the art world

DD+ Gruppe programme around the show, feminism and stuff had different folks come in to talk about stuff, psychologist, surgeon, bra tailor (i guess)

sleep with the curator sleepover in a gallery with a curator

art licks weekend (work form did the poster for that) giving leaflets and talking to people about art who usually wouldn't show up to art shows

Keepitcomplex Unite against dividers weeked strategies and actions after the referendum what can designers as people who make culture about brexit and stuffs