Studied fine art in de­von ma in fine art at cam­ber­well

https://​emely.wik­i­ Started a thing called the emely” (which is her gran) named it af­ter her gran bc she did­n’t want to put her name on it, wanted to be more col­lab­o­ra­tive made her stu­dio space into a cafe type thing, peo­ple on the course shar­ing what they’re work­ing on her de­bate show was more a se­ries of dis­cus­sions de­bates and stuff di­ver­sity stuffs usu­ally i start my work by be­ing an­gry about some­thing made a thing sim­i­lar­ites be­tween the bra world and the art world try­ing to fit every­one into the same tem­plate

big art / big bras

http://​www.biele­felder-kun­​en/​ex­hi­bi­tions/​2016/​ros­alie-schweiker.html as an artists that does­n’t re­ally make ob­jects it felt wrong to have to make some­thing that can be put into a show made this show in ger­many about bras the re­sponse of peo­ple who saw the show was more in­ter­est­ing than the re­sponse from the art world

DD+ Gruppe programme around the show, fem­i­nism and stuff had dif­fer­ent folks come in to talk about stuff, psy­chol­o­gist, sur­geon, bra tai­lor (i guess)

sleep with the cu­ra­tor sleep­over in a gallery with a cu­ra­tor

art licks week­end (work form did the poster for that) giv­ing leaflets and talk­ing to peo­ple about art who usu­ally would­n’t show up to art shows

Keepitcomplex Unite against di­viders weeked strate­gies and ac­tions af­ter the ref­er­en­dum what can de­sign­ers as peo­ple who make cul­ture about brexit and stuffs