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How I Engage With Design as a Writer

srudied english literature, became more interestd with how the word is represented (easter wings) emblem poemsup emoj Visual and verbal reinforce,emt herb lubalin mastheads alice in wonderland "and a long tale" the life and opinions of tristram shandy makes fun of literaru genre of the 18th century, meant to teach people but the narrator goes on huge tangents squiggle to represent the joys of bachelorhood chapters are missng, dusrupting the sequence black page when one character dies blank page offered to the reader to describe one of the characters literal plot lines calls attention to the form of the book, artificiallity o fthe book, sing graphic deviced to represent abstract concepts when one character draws the iine in the sand we know we've reached the limit of language

places where langugage becomes insufficient a primer for the punctuation of heart disease (2002) jonathan safran foer introduces new punctuation to express awkward silenc e that happens in family discussion, ohone calls silence mark signifies the absence of languagewilled silence mark insistent question mark

brak up emojies les mesierables as emojies may BEE we should b e(friends)

1982 sequence of characters to show jokes in emails the original emojie set has been added to the moma collection

design writing research ellen lupton

illustrations tend to be subordinate to the text, here they are equals essay about isotype, feminist critique of how its always mae icons new bathroom signs

MA design history at the V&A / RCA

Th cultural biography o things "in doinf the biography of the ting ..." youd do similar thing

inuit community > metropolitan museum of art interesting career, politics, whs is an indela careaar depends on who you are

german irn work craftsmanship, rise of the department store, society of the time

black power, race relations

we shall overcomb

what happens to a comb when its in prison, it gets a rezor blade attached to it

design wiriting starts ar the object, but very wuicly goes into the rsy of stuff

d crit SVA taught students about design criticism importance of research into someting beroe going into a ciritique critiv that is close to thigs, engages with people MA design researchs

using twitter as a tool for deisng critique beards arent welcome at deuscthe baml

looked at the way design was displaye in museum "butterflies in cases"

Maters programme in eindhoven design reseatching and writing

looking at how design manifests as code, networks "design is invisible" ny lucius burkhardt "desifn has an invisible component namely an organizational dimension"

works that work dirty furniture, when design leaves the showroom

most desing rpess eg dezeen focusses on the object, eneius designer recycle the press relsease by the manufacturer fosusses on the new, borth of the object, basically glorified unboxing video

dosnt looka at how product will be used, change as its used, what hapens to it when its no longer useful

brian thill "waste" (2015)

trash on the moon

sifting the trash (alice themlow) a history of design criticism

acknowledging designs complicity in climate change

timothy morton hyperobjects think of objects not as a singular thing, but a combination o processes, distribution eg styrofoam

how can design engage with writing

in loving memory of work craig oldwin thing on the miners strike graphic interventions based on graphic stff that was made during the miners strike stuff from archives etc

the medium is the massage

ian lynam metahaven, design practice reframed as design think tank