APR 19 Ollie Chapman Notes head of de­sign at ur­ban out­fit­ter

those that move

(degre show iden­tity)

cam­ber­well press


Do shitty es­tate agent work to pay the bills Worked for Studio Moross shortly af­ter grad­u­at­ing http://​www.stu­diomoross.com/

did this lp pro­ject for £250 bbb lp made a list of ob­jects and did pho­tograms of them, stuck the logo on eg strong conept cheap ma­te­r­ial

The idea is what is im­por­tant. No amount of time re­course or money can buy a good con­cept asa grad­u­ate this is your biggest weapon

https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?v=yXJl5Gf05zg jessie ware mu­sic video did one for free fish tank, house­hold stuff, oil spray­paint, eg hte only ex­pen­sive bit is the cam­era and the tri­pod Cheap equip­ment, ba­si­cally no money

work hard, it won’t hap­pen overnight also don’t be a dick

Urban Outfitters

Work out­side of work Us­ing uo as a plat­form to do other pro­jects make­good print co

It is­n’t al­ways oyou day job that gives you the most sat­is­fac­tion


wrote a brief for d&ad teaches at bournemouth, northamp­ton

stay cu­ri­ous try new things and main­taina de­sire to im­prove


did you ever con­sider set­ting smoth­ing up with class­mates

yes, cam­ber­well press kind of be­came that, if it wasnt fo rthat we probs could have done a stu­dio. But we did the logo, made the web­site got fund­ing eg the sme stuff you do when you start a busi­ness, but with­out much of the risk in­volved

re­cruite­ment: what do dif­fer­ent places look for, mo­ross and up

mo­ross has only 10 oeiple, so it’s very much about find­ing the right type of per­son, gotta fit in etc mosross got in­terns, peo­ple ap­ply­ing for jobs and they were tech­ni­cally good but did­n’t re­ally fit into the en­vi­rom­nent

uo is a much bigere place, youre more of a cog in a ma­chine, you get a lot of peo­ple work­ing for a year and mov­ing on, the ppeo­ple ar­ent as emo­tion­ally in­vested, they hire more for tech­ni­cal skills

how do you bal­ance your port­fo­lio dig­i­tal / print

de­pends where youre go­ing, uo is look­ing for dig­i­tal stff, place like mo­ross mught be okay with more print­mak­ing stuff. Also tweak you port­fo­lio de­pend­ing on where you’re go­ing to ap­ply

how ben­e­fi­cial is it to have a ba over and fda

the fda is re­ally idus­try fo­cus (eh) if your work is god you should­n’t need that ex­tra let­ter on you qual­i­fi­ca­tion. The ba is more about be­ing ex­per­i­men­tal, idea gen­er­a­tion. Also you’re prob­a­bly more likely to move up quicker with the ed­u­ca­tion you get on a de­gree.

Also if youre do­ing big­ger pro­jects it shows that you’re able to do man­age­ment, sit in meet­ings, hire a van etc

Olya Troitskaya

http://​www.oly­a­troit­skaya.com/ Train­ing for Exploitation http://joaap.org/press/pwb/PWB_Text_FINAL.pdf http://www.evening-class.org/

Graphic deisgn ac­tivist Did a ba­si­cally un­paid in­tern­ship at zak group https://​www.za­k­group.co.uk/

did free­lanc­ing and shit agency work signed up with rep­re­sent http://​www.rep­re­sent.uk.com/ and peas http://​weare­peas.com/ Who are graphic de­sign agents (didn’t know that was a thing) http://​www.the­beau­ti­ful­meme.com/