Ollie Chapman & Olya Troitskaya

APR 19 Ollie Chapman Notes head of design at urban outfitter

those that move

(degre show identity)

camberwell press


Do shitty estate agent work to pay the bills Worked for Studio Moross shortly after graduating http://www.studiomoross.com/

did this lp project for £250 bbb lp made a list of objects and did photograms of them, stuck the logo on eg strong conept cheap material

The idea is what is important. No amount of time recourse or money can buy a good concept asa graduate this is your biggest weapon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXJl5Gf05zg jessie ware music video did one for free fish tank, household stuff, oil spraypaint, eg hte only expensive bit is the camera and the tripod Cheap equipment, basically no money

work hard, it won't happen overnight also don't be a dick

Urban Outfitters

Work outside of work Using uo as a platform to do other projects makegood print co

It isn't always oyou day job that gives you the most satisfaction


wrote a brief for d&ad teaches at bournemouth, northampton

stay curious try new things and maintaina desire to improve


did you ever consider setting smothing up with classmates

yes, camberwell press kind of became that, if it wasnt fo rthat we probs could have done a studio. But we did the logo, made the website got funding eg the sme stuff you do when you start a business, but without much of the risk involved

recruitement: what do different places look for, moross and up

moross has only 10 oeiple, so it's very much about finding the right type of person, gotta fit in etc mosross got interns, people applying for jobs and they were technically good but didn't really fit into the enviromnent

uo is a much bigere place, youre more of a cog in a machine, you get a lot of people working for a year and moving on, the ppeople arent as emotionally invested, they hire more for technical skills

how do you balance your portfolio digital / print

depends where youre going, uo is looking for digital stff, place like moross mught be okay with more printmaking stuff. Also tweak you portfolio depending on where you're going to apply

how beneficial is it to have a ba over and fda

the fda is really idustry focus (eh) if your work is god you shouldn't need that extra letter on you qualification. The ba is more about being experimental, idea generation. Also you're probably more likely to move up quicker with the education you get on a degree.

Also if youre doing bigger projects it shows that you're able to do management, sit in meetings, hire a van etc

Olya Troitskaya

http://www.olyatroitskaya.com/ Training for Exploitation http://joaap.org/press/pwb/PWB_Text_FINAL.pdf http://www.evening-class.org/

Graphic deisgn activist Did a basically unpaid internship at zak group https://www.zakgroup.co.uk/

did freelancing and shit agency work signed up with represent http://www.represent.uk.com/ and peas http://wearepeas.com/ Who are graphic design agents (didn't know that was a thing) http://www.thebeautifulmeme.com/