April 20 Unit 7 Photographing work

de­cent pho­tos is the foun­da­tion of a good port­fo­lio of­ten scan­ning makes sense (if sur­face qual­ity / print­ing does­n’t matetr as much) dig­i­tal work can go straight on­line obv if you’re pho­tograph­ing work, think about how it will look on your web­site - do you need a coloured back­ground, what’s the in­dustr prece­dent etc var­i­ous small books hy­per­kit cool di­ag­o­nal pho­tos https://​www.manystuff.org/ doc­u­ment work as you go along show progress, be­co­mas an ex­ten­sion of the work it­self - Moving Brands Timelapse stuff etc pho­to­graphic work in con­text eg some­one look­ing at a map you de­signed makes your work more be­liev­able etc lights at 45 deg to avoid glare