mike meyer poster

set up by CSM sign­painters com­mu­nity Mike does courses through bet­ter­let­ter.co

started out do­ing jobs with his dad, who would paint signs be­tween hair­cuts next started let­ter­ing on model cars 92 got to let­ter real cars (today they do printed films like buses)

don springer used to be the man

when to sign­painters school in min­nesota lost his first job, went into the army did let­ter­ing on stor­age boxes, fris­ged and stuff

Letterheads, Denver 1975

jeff williams

sign painter fay the levine & sam ma­con fore­word by ed ruscha

sky high mu­rals new york colos­sal me­dia

snick­ers ad of a woman turn­ing into danny trejo chan­ing a lit­tle bit of her face every day

made a book ! (library)

ghost signs


is there a job that you had to turn down

theres been a cou­ple and its been be­cause of the cus­tomer

when you get the big jobs how do you line them out how do u plan it

for t you use the cor­ru­gated iron for bug stuff you seper­ate the draw­ing in squares then trans­fer up to scale you can also use bricks as a guide­line you also get peo­ple in to help

you ever worked with the team

bet­ter­let­ter londn work­shop