Re:Tooling - Responsibility

designers tend to think we're in a special position to tackle huge historical social problems bulid a better world thorugh creativity etc is our position as designers really that strong, does our work really benefit the world

Keith Dodds Glasgow dude

worked on property developer stuff, brochures and things, stock photos drew a map that put the development in the center, they asked to have it put on the edge of the map its too small to be covered by normal design ethics discourse

milton glaser road to hell

originally they had st georges cross area on the map, what they shifted it to is hillhead so it shifted the focus to that, somethn that seems like a simple reframing ends up being a serious thing

transfer from poorer to richer public to private commons to coorporations

park hill, sheffield when it was first opened they made effort to keep social cohesion b moving existing neighbours in flats next to each other recently redeveloped by urban splash (brochure by deisigners republic) the original social utopia is used asa selling point for somethin that isnt social housing anymore

took existing graffiti i love you will u marry me lost the name did it in neon and used it as a marketing slogan

i love you will u marry me workspace from £90.000

balrfon tower, redevelopment, original tenants have been moved out designed by neville brody

change in socio economic status 2001 - 2011

gentrification isn't always spatial

BrewDog using punk to sell beer forced to a pub to change the name bc they made a vodka of the same name

Gourmet chicken shop Morris Casanova, designed all the chicken shops

Job Centre Dalston made into a fancy restaurant

kendall enner ad ridiculus posters etc

traditional resistance to this is total rehection of gentrification labour trying to seem working class authentocrity falafel bars of islington

william bonge where commuter run over black children in chicago

better way is to look at what gentrification promises

byron brewdog and recueration of radical asthetics paradise birmingham

postcapitalist desire essay

Ash Sakar - I am not what I am

when were white people invented turns out whiteness is a murky concept

slavery defines the opposite as in freedom, society and stuff we can understand race as a kind of photonegative, they both come into being at the same time

the invention of the white race

race is a social construct, but too often the converation ends there how is race constructed, when was it constructed

Expulsion of the moriscos the spanish kicked out second generation community of people with morish ancestry

race is a mode of power the idea that culture etc can be transmitted thoruh generations for a whle it was okay for moors to become chrostians until it suddenly wasnt

Initially it was good enough to convert people to christianity

titian madonna di ca pesaro confaltion between the ottoman other and african other as an avatar against which whiteness is defined west african slave trade was beginning to thrive, also a nod to the ottoman political system

othello a composition of fragemented bits 0of racial signifieres moorish amabassafor to queen elizabeth

christianity had a need to define whiteness against some for of other

portrait fo don francesco de arobe and his sons

I'm not looking for a new england britain was defined and held together by its imperial ambitions

David Cross - Transformation and Transition

in transformative education students co-create the knowledge they learn, say what it is they want to learn

when it comes to transitioning to an economy that isn't based on oil there needs to collective change the limit to growth (1972) thre's a problem at the heart of industrialism: as esy deposits of resources dry up, you need more capital, more effort, more energy to get to what's eft over (you cant drill in texas anymore) you're using your last bit of energy to get more energy. As margins shrink coorperations sustain themselves by cutting cost.

deepwater horizon (bp) explosion cut operating costs which ultimately led to disaster

Lord Browne (CEO of BP) was then appointed to lead an inquiry into student fees ual invests student fees with RBS, which in turn invests into shitty fossil fuel projects

ual divest fossil fuel free