de­sign­ers tend to think we’re in a spe­cial po­si­tion to tackle huge his­tor­i­cal so­cial prob­lems bu­lid a bet­ter world tho­rugh cre­ativ­ity etc is our po­si­tion as de­sign­ers re­ally that strong, does our work re­ally ben­e­fit the world

Keith Dodds

http://​kei­th­ Glas­gow dude

worked on prop­erty de­vel­oper stuff, brochures and things, stock pho­tos drew a map that put the de­vel­op­ment in the cen­ter, they asked to have it put on the edge of the map its too small to be cov­ered by nor­mal de­sign ethics dis­course

mil­ton glaser road to hell

orig­i­nally they had st georges cross area on the map, what they shifted it to is hill­head so it shifted the fo­cus to that, somethn that seems like a sim­ple re­fram­ing ends up be­ing a se­ri­ous thing

trans­fer from poorer to richer pub­lic to pri­vate com­mons to coor­po­ra­tions

park hill, sheffield when it was first opened they made ef­fort to keep so­cial co­he­sion b mov­ing ex­ist­ing neigh­bours in flats next to each other re­cently re­de­vel­oped by ur­ban splash (brochure by deisign­ers re­pub­lic) the orig­i­nal so­cial utopia is used asa sell­ing point for some­thin that isnt so­cial hous­ing any­more

took ex­ist­ing graf­fiti i love you will u marry me lost the name did it in neon and used it as a mar­ket­ing slo­gan

i love you will u marry me work­space from £90.000

bal­r­fon tower, re­de­vel­op­ment, orig­i­nal ten­ants have been moved out de­signed by neville brody

change in so­cio eco­nomic sta­tus 2001 - 2011

gen­tri­fi­ca­tion is­n’t al­ways spa­tial

BrewDog us­ing punk to sell beer forced to a pub to change the name bc they made a vodka of the same name

Gourmet chicken shop Mor­ris Casanova, de­signed all the chicken shops

Job Centre Dalston made into a fancy restau­rant

kendall en­ner ad ridicu­lus posters etc

tra­di­tional re­sis­tance to this is to­tal re­hec­tion of gen­tri­fi­ca­tion labour try­ing to seem work­ing class au­then­t­ocrity falafel bars of is­ling­ton

william bonge where com­muter run over black chil­dren in chicago

bet­ter way is to look at what gen­tri­fi­ca­tion promises

by­ron brew­dog and re­cuer­a­tion of rad­i­cal as­thet­ics par­adise birm­ing­ham

post­cap­i­tal­ist de­sire es­say

Ash Sakar - I am not what I am

https://​twit­​ay­ocae­sar?lang=en http://​no­vara­me­

when were white peo­ple in­vented turns out white­ness is a murky con­cept

slav­ery de­fines the op­po­site as in free­dom, so­ci­ety and stuff we can un­der­stand race as a kind of pho­toneg­a­tive, they both come into be­ing at the same time

the in­ven­tion of the white race

race is a so­cial con­struct, but too of­ten the con­ver­a­tion ends there how is race con­structed, when was it con­structed

Expulsion of the moriscos the span­ish kicked out sec­ond gen­er­a­tion com­mu­nity of peo­ple with mor­ish an­ces­try

race is a mode of power the idea that cul­ture etc can be trans­mit­ted tho­ruh gen­er­a­tions for a whle it was okay for moors to be­come chros­tians un­til it sud­denly wasnt

Initially it was good enough to con­vert peo­ple to chris­tian­ity

tit­ian madonna di ca pe­saro con­fal­tion be­tween the ot­toman other and african other as an avatar against which white­ness is de­fined west african slave trade was be­gin­ning to thrive, also a nod to the ot­toman po­lit­i­cal sys­tem

oth­ello a com­po­si­tion of frage­mented bits 0of racial sig­ni­fieres moor­ish am­abas­safor to queen eliz­a­beth

chris­tian­ity had a need to de­fine white­ness against some for of other

por­trait fo don francesco de arobe and his sons

I’m not look­ing for a new eng­land britain was de­fined and held to­gether by its im­pe­r­ial am­bi­tions

David Cross - Transformation and Transition

in trans­for­ma­tive ed­u­ca­tion stu­dents co-cre­ate the knowl­edge they learn, say what it is they want to learn

when it comes to tran­si­tion­ing to an econ­omy that is­n’t based on oil there needs to col­lec­tive change the limit to growth (1972) thre’s a prob­lem at the heart of in­dus­tri­al­ism: as esy de­posits of re­sources dry up, you need more cap­i­tal, more ef­fort, more en­ergy to get to what’s eft over (you cant drill in texas any­more) you’re us­ing your last bit of en­ergy to get more en­ergy. As mar­gins shrink coor­per­a­tions sus­tain them­selves by cut­ting cost.

deep­wa­ter hori­zon (bp) ex­plo­sion cut op­er­at­ing costs which ul­ti­mately led to dis­as­ter

Lord Browne (CEO of BP) was then ap­pointed to lead an in­quiry into stu­dent fees ual in­vests stu­dent fees with RBS, which in turn in­vests into shitty fos­sil fuel pro­jects

ual di­vest fos­sil fuel free