Carolina Mizrahi

stuied at lcf ma in fashion business management ba in fashion photography at lcf

gonna talk about breaking into the industry, free work etc


portfolio stuff

old woen project one year project about how media doesnt let women grow older, plastic surgery, retouching media etc old + young people retouched together selected for future map exhibition

lcf pigeons and peacocks magazine working on clean, hyper controlled style spent months sourcing furntiure painting it etc

after uni stuff

hashtag personal branding

vogue gioiello comission september 2015 (Ruby)

[] They also allowed her to sell the work

unpaid work

avatar collection - old tat magazine / arusha gallery free project!

have a spreadsheet spreadsheet with prospects, reach out to them again

qs do you do most of your work in ldn most yeah, but flies off to milan etc for projects

you were unpaid until you got the vigue comission how did you pay rent I worked in retail, and did work on personal projects while on that job (that doesn't seem sustainable), work weekends, just do a lot