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Preparing for the Tutorial

Tutorials are 30 min­utes Bring notes, keep read­ing and bring notes in etc Is your read­ing wide enough, is your re­search wide enough, is there a sen­si­ble fo­cus to your topic time man­age­ment


draft two in oc­to­ber 23rd, 17:00 october 25th dis­ser­ta­tion tlk 2 nov 13 draft 3 nov 15, 1200-1300 dis­ser­ta­tion talk 3 wil­son rd dec 5 1400-1600 sub­mis­sion in peck­ham rd lec­ture the­atre

Developing your re­search

What needs to be in the 2nd Draft

How your ques­tion is pro­gress­ing