60 stu­dents and staff to pro­to­type the fu­ture of every­thing

About Futures


  1. Mental Health & Wellbeing
  2. Equality & Diversity
    • BAME stu­dents 21% less likely to grad­u­ate from UAL with a first or 2:1
    • Gender equal­ity
  3. Meaningful work
    • 1/3 of jobs will be au­to­mated by 2030
  4. Cost of ed­u­ca­tion
  5. Sense of be­long­ing
    • 41% in­crease in in­ter­na­tional mi­gra­tion be­tween 2000 and 2015
  6. The planet

How the Futures



Two pi­lots: Feminist Internet, The Renaissance of Utopias (Both 6 weeks)

Outcomes are spec­u­la­tive prod­ucts set in 2030, theres a sum­mit at the end. Wednesdays af­ter­noons.

Post Tech

Andreas Culmenares of IAM

Like a re­search ed­u­ca­tion mar­ket­ing agency kind of thing? Nah its TED (They’ve even got the 3d sign on stage)

Subversion of Paradoxes

IAM Weekend ba­si­cally a TED thing in Barcelona. Also do mee­tups and stuff. Also do pub­lish­ing. Also client work.

Why ware we teach­ing hu­mans to code and ma­chines how to learn

Poetic Computation drawing con­clu­sions from the fact that com­put­ers are just 0s and 1s” - eh