Re:Tooling: The Media

While neither the university nor the "Real World" are save, both can be change WE do talk about political issues, but we don't talk about how we could change design work around those issues

There's going to be a publication at some point, upload stuff at

Let's talk about the media

"Old guard" newspapers clash with instant global communication

London / Berlin PhD in linguistic Published the ecology of secret, ultralife

There's a crisis of democracy of data without digital democracy, there is no democracy This is connected to the idea that attention is the currency in the digital economy

Attribute systems

theory of min d theory of context

i tweet honestly i tweet passionately imagined audience notion of imagined communities (benedict anderson) context collapse

You're being tracked evaluated and sold london school of economics

538 on peoples opinion on russia

Alexis Calvas

Feminist activist, artist, researcher, editor of STRIKE, which is a print magazine. They also do video, events and these fake adverts:

Met police poster

Came out of occupy

WHy do we need independent media? Three companies control 70% of UK media (murdoch, daily mail) These corporations set the agenda of what we read (that seems like quite a big assumption)

Algorithms show us the things we tend to agree with

Palestine 14yo journalist

Zach Blas

Contra internet jubilee 2033 starts with aynd rand