While nei­ther the uni­ver­sity nor the Real World” are save, both can be change WE do talk about po­lit­i­cal is­sues, but we don’t talk about how we could change de­sign work around those is­sues

There’s go­ing to be a pub­li­ca­tion at some point, up­load stuff at

Let’s talk about the me­dia

Old guard” news­pa­pers clash with in­stant global com­mu­ni­ca­tion

London / Berlin PhD in lin­guis­tic Pub­lished the ecol­ogy of se­cret, ul­tra­l­ife

There’s a cri­sis of democ­racy of data with­out dig­i­tal democ­racy, there is no democ­racy This is con­nected to the idea that at­ten­tion is the cur­rency in the dig­i­tal econ­omy

Attribute sys­tems

the­ory of min d the­ory of con­text

i tweet hon­estly i tweet pas­sion­ately imag­ined au­di­ence no­tion of imag­ined com­mu­ni­ties (benedict an­der­son) con­text col­lapse

You’re be­ing tracked eval­u­ated and sold lon­don school of eco­nom­ics

538 on peo­ples opin­ion on rus­sia

Alexis Calvas

Feminist ac­tivist, artist, re­searcher, ed­i­tor of STRIKE, which is a print mag­a­zine. They also do video, events and these fake ad­verts:

Met police poster

Came out of oc­cupy

WHy do we need in­de­pen­dent me­dia? Three com­pa­nies con­trol 70% of UK me­dia (murdoch, daily mail) These cor­po­ra­tions set the agenda of what we read (that seems like quite a big as­sump­tion)

Algorithms show us the things we tend to agree with

Palestine 14yo jour­nal­ist

Zach Blas

Contra in­ter­net ju­bilee 2033 starts with aynd rand