Graphic Designer Emmi Salonen


Music made me do it

Graphic Design at Brighton

The goldman warehouse identity

Studio emmi in 2005 wonderwater branding

An example of a prject that went wrong the princes doundarion for children and the arts branding Prince charles needed to have the crown in it Current logo is by The Partners

Exhibiyion hraphics neoclassic sculpture in britain labels for the tate britain

William Blake's 1809 exhibition Some o fthe paintings were missing, so they painted in white squares wheer the missing paintings should be

Retail graphics for artek

Common interest: documents design and format solutions for the arts

Peepshow collective Designed pick me up 2013 (pencils) Designed pick me up 2014 (paper clips)

Envirnmental Design

UCL Hospital Redesigning the childres and young peoples wards Using illustration as wayfinding, different parts of a narrative on different parts of the floor

Finsish national gallery branding

Studio Emmi brochure catalogues Printed portfolio type things

Been working as creative director at Futerra A "sustainability strategy & design agency"

Here's some flashy think tanks which apparently all went viral Urchinomics Women's equality center (ny) Farmer Income Lab

Carbon Productivity

Fashion Rebolution

Climate Optimism