Music made me do it

Graphic Design at Brighton

The gold­man ware­house iden­tity

Studio emmi in 2005 wonderwater brand­ing

An ex­am­ple of a pr­ject that went wrong the princes doundar­ion for chil­dren and the arts brand­ing Prince charles needed to have the crown in it Cur­rent logo is by The Partners

Exhibiyion hraph­ics neo­clas­sic sculp­ture in britain la­bels for the tate britain

William Blake’s 1809 ex­hi­bi­tion Some o fthe paint­ings were miss­ing, so they painted in white squares wheer the miss­ing paint­ings should be

Retail graph­ics for artek

Common in­ter­est: doc­u­ments de­sign and for­mat so­lu­tions for the arts

Peepshow col­lec­tive De­signed pick me up 2013 (pencils) Designed pick me up 2014 (paper clips)

Envirnmental Design

UCL Hospital Redesigning the chil­dres and young peo­ples wards Us­ing il­lus­tra­tion as wayfind­ing, dif­fer­ent parts of a nar­ra­tive on dif­fer­ent parts of the floor

Finsish na­tional gallery brand­ing

Studio Emmi brochure cat­a­logues Printed port­fo­lio type things

Been work­ing as cre­ative di­rec­tor at Futerra A sustainability strat­egy & de­sign agency”

Here’s some flashy think tanks which ap­par­ently all went vi­ral Urchi­nomics Wom­en’s equal­ity cen­ter (ny) Farmer Income Lab

Carbon Productivity

Fashion Rebolution

Climate Optimism