Designers, de­sign stu­dents are of­ten aware that they’re com­plicit in gen­tri­fi­ca­tion etc. We also have some de­gree of affin­ity to the city, ex­am­in­ing it, our in­dus­try tends to be in cities, we all like ar­chi­tec­ture etc.

Stop the Elephant and Castle Redevelopment

Plans have been around for ages to pull down the Elephant and Castle shop­ping cen­tre, do some sort of es­tate de­vel­op­ment. The cur­rent pro­posal is ual sell­ing the plot where LCC cur­rently is and build­ing a new buid­ing on the site of the shop­ping cen­tre. The LCC plot would be­come con­dos. 3% so­cial hous­ing units, the Southwark re­quire­ment is 17%, which they’re ar­gui­ing is fine be­cause the uni­ver­sity is part of the pro­ject - say­ing they’re a non-profit etc. The coun­cil re­fused the pro­posal (which seems rea­son­able).

Douglas Murphy

Nicom Poopolis

RCA, lec­tures at CSM Royal Albert Dock, aka Asian Business Dock A Boris Johnson ven­ture. One of the last big open sites in in­ner London, worth a bil­lion pounds. With teh in­ven­tion of the stan­dard ship­ping con­tainer in the 1960s ports on the up­epr Thames were re­placed.

The peo­ple’s plan for the Royal docks were a lo­cal or­gan­i­sa­tion who had dif­fer­ent ideas for the un­used docks. London city air­port was the first of these de­vel­op­ments. The de­vel­op­ers are a Chinese com­pany called Asian Business Park and Stanhope.

Richard Rogers (cities for a small planet) built the Centre Pompidou, labour favourite Sir Terry Farrel whos a Tory planned the Asian Business Dock

London that wants to con­tinue to grow” is an eco­nomic en­tity, London that has to em­brace these changes” refers to the pop­u­la­tion.

They’re build­ing a pretty stan­dard bor­ing of­fice park, but they’re us­ing this weird his­tori­cist lan­guage, us­ing brick fa­cades, say­ing they’re us­ing the struc­ture of the for­mer docks.

Planning ap­pli­ca­tions are ex­pen­sive, so as a de­vel­oper you have to have a client to go for­ward. This is where Boris Johnson the Trumpian deal-maker comes in: He did all these pro­jects with pri­vate spon­sors (Emirates, Barclays etc) that were mostly funded by pub­lic money.

Newham’s Banana of Opportunity

Dan Hancocks in Vice about how Newham re­branded them­selves as Newham, London.

How do you mea­sure ben­e­fit to the lo­cal com­mu­nity?

  1. Economic ben­e­fit: The de­vel­oper say the de­vel­op­ment will cre­ate 13.000 jobs, but it seems likely that most of those will be for skilled of­fice work­ers from China or else­where in London and not across the street from Newham. They don’t com­mit to any­thing other than contacting em­ploy­ment agen­cies in Newham”
  2. Housing

Moving im­age archive of gay bars in the UK (2016)

All these gay bars in London started to close since the fi­nan­cial crash of 2008

Murders of gay men