Director Kieran Evans

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Won a Bafta in 2012 for Kelly + Victor. Worked with Peter Chadwick in the 80s.

Some epic type films:

The Art of Noise was the first exposure to record sleeves, music videos Sanctum Two was the Label (Dada type Video here)

Video for Propaganda for Anton Corbyn Propaganda presents Dr Mabuse Looks like a Fritz Lang 1940s horror film

All shot on Super 8, 16mm etc

New Order Blue Monday record All Peter Savillle stuff

Joy Division Athmosphere

Unlike most other videos at the time, these didn't show people performing the songs

The perfect kiss (video here) fac 521 (the factory)

The face magazine New Order Covers

Petshop boys covers Designed by Mark Farrow

Rothko: Art as an experience John Wells

Newport College of Art The Likes of England (film) Jubilee

A VHS tape editing station (image)

1930s post office animator (look up the name) In that time you used to have the soundtrack printed into the side of the film, then do timing based on that

Man Ray film

Worked for a place called Amblimation in the 90s. "Fievel goes West". Steven Spielberg came in to do Red Coat tests for Schindler's List

THe thief and the cobbler with the guy who wrote "How to Animate" Steam Bay

Started to do animation stuff on an Amiga grid record sleeve A time when the computers that were making music could also do the record sleeves, videos, motion graphics etc. A load of untrained people messign around on Amigas.

the grid "Crystal Clear"

the grid deconstruction

A video for kylie minogue in the 90s


edwyn collins do it again

Short Ballad for a long man

Finisterre Life on the Outer edges

Kelly + Victor was the first feature film, based on a book by Niall Griffiths HANA-BI A minimalist Japanese film-maker. All about landscapes etc.

Spent about 6 years working on the film. 200.000 budget.