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Won a Bafta in 2012 for Kelly + Victor. Worked with Peter Chadwick in the 80s.

Some epic type films:

The Art of Noise was the first ex­po­sure to record sleeves, mu­sic videos Sanc­tum Two was the Label (Dada type Video here)

Video for Propaganda for Anton Corbyn Propaganda pre­sents Dr Mabuse Looks like a Fritz Lang 1940s hor­ror film

All shot on Super 8, 16mm etc

New Order Blue Monday record All Peter Savillle stuff

Joy Division Athmosphere

Unlike most other videos at the time, these did­n’t show peo­ple per­form­ing the songs

The per­fect kiss (video here) fac 521 (the fac­tory)

The face mag­a­zine New Order Covers

Petshop boys cov­ers De­signed by Mark Farrow

Rothko: Art as an ex­pe­ri­ence John Wells

Newport College of Art The Likes of England (film) Jubilee

A VHS tape edit­ing sta­tion (image)

1930s post of­fice an­i­ma­tor (look up the name) In that time you used to have the sound­track printed into the side of the film, then do tim­ing based on that

Man Ray film

Worked for a place called Amblimation in the 90s. Fievel goes West”. Steven Spielberg came in to do Red Coat tests for Schindler’s List

THe thief and the cob­bler with the guy who wrote How to Animate” Steam Bay

Started to do an­i­ma­tion stuff on an Amiga grid record sleeve A time when the com­put­ers that were mak­ing mu­sic could also do the record sleeves, videos, mo­tion graph­ics etc. A load of un­trained peo­ple mes­sign around on Amigas.

the grid Crystal Clear”

the grid de­con­struc­tion

A video for kylie minogue in the 90s


ed­wyn collins do it again

Short Ballad for a long man

Finisterre Life on the Outer edges

Kelly + Victor was the first fea­ture film, based on a book by Niall Griffiths HANA-BI A min­i­mal­ist Japanese film-maker. All about land­scapes etc.

Spent about 6 years work­ing on the film. 200.000 bud­get.