Graphic Designer Algy Batten

The art of ping pong, the importance of crap ideas and the value of creative freedom

The Art of Ping Pong is a thing that sells ping pong stuff, puts on events etc

Fivefootsix was started in 2005, grew up to uefa youth league identity coco pro branding whay hey protein ice cream ben and herrys one eighty propertt websie bbc children in need

Also self init projecrts wanted to make stuff to talk about the way they think, leave nehind at meetings etc book about famous five foot sixes branded christmas cards

started doing tournaments against other agencies did rundem which is a running thing by nike slam was gonna be a ping pong tournament in 2012, but nike wasnt into it, so they set up their own tournament

They asked ten artists to do a paddle each would tgen be auctioned off, and donated to charity this got more media coverage than any of the client work

One charity auction a year from 2013 - 2017 allan kitching did one anthony burrill hatty newman

started designing tables in 2017 that fold together and can hang on the wall as one painted by mr doodle (video)

Over 5 auctions they've raised £20,000 for childred in needm trekstock

Got all kinds of press coverage

nike roger federer thing

Also do prints from ping pong artists Gonna launch mini tables later in the year, fancy full sized tables coming out later - looks very starup

Kelly Anna is huge apparently

Eike Konig its important the people have their own thing going on

fivefootsix now does books Supermans pockets angle grinder man souvenirs

a fairy tale (people behind lower leage football mascots)