The art of ping pong, the im­por­tance of crap ideas and the value of cre­ative free­dom

The Art of Ping Pong is a thing that sells ping pong stuff, puts on events etc

Fivefootsix was started in 2005, grew up to uefa youth league iden­tity coco pro brand­ing whay hey pro­tein ice cream ben and her­rys one eighty prop­ertt web­sie bbc chil­dren in need

Also self init pro­je­crts wanted to make stuff to talk about the way they think, leave ne­hind at meet­ings etc book about fa­mous five foot sixes branded christ­mas cards

started do­ing tour­na­ments against other agen­cies did run­dem which is a run­ning thing by nike slam was gonna be a ping pong tour­na­ment in 2012, but nike wasnt into it, so they set up their own tour­na­ment

They asked ten artists to do a pad­dle each would tgen be auc­tioned off, and do­nated to char­ity this got more me­dia cov­er­age than any of the client work

One char­ity auc­tion a year from 2013 - 2017 allan kitch­ing did one an­thony bur­rill hatty new­man

started de­sign­ing ta­bles in 2017 that fold to­gether and can hang on the wall as one painted by mr doo­dle (video)

Over 5 auc­tions they’ve raised £20,000 for chil­dred in needm trek­stock

Got all kinds of press cov­er­age

nike roger fed­erer thing

Also do prints from ping pong artists Gonna launch mini ta­bles later in the year, fancy full sized ta­bles com­ing out later - looks very starup

Kelly Anna is huge ap­par­ently

Eike Konig its im­por­tant the peo­ple have their own thing go­ing on

five­foot­six now does books Su­per­mans pock­ets an­gle grinder man sou­venirs

a fairy tale (people be­hind lower leage foot­ball mas­cots)