Cartoonist, Illustrator Tom Gauld

Undergrad ad Edinburgh MA at the RCA

NYT magazine cartoon Seven reasons I didnt visit the historical site on my holiday

The idea of having some system, days of the week, an alphabet, similar scale etc and doing small changes within that system.

Bukowski: Notes on the pest

Illustrations from lost mystery novels

Simone Lea at the RCA I suddenly feel depressed would you be offended if I went home

Co-published a comic called first while at the RCA

Guardians of the kingdom was the first longer-form story

First illustration was for the guardian Start a whole new life - move to the city for TimeOut

Self-published stuff Robots Monsters Etc.


William Heath Robinsons inventions Gary Larsson Judge Dredd

v is for victor squashed under a train rusty brown

Richard McGuire Ros Chast (New Yorker)

His comics are less about drawing amazing images, but about making a language that ca be read. Stick people are like a typeface. Simple drawings also let people project themsleves into the drawing. You end up with a complicated image by putting loads of simple elements together (rather than some virtuosic drawing skill). Also this stuff is not just about drawing but also composition, page layout etc. Very graphic design.

Diet Coke / Heart campaign

Moon cop

Nigel Williams, the wimbeldon trilogy book covers

We are all time travellers now guardian cover

New yorker april 16 18 cover New yorker october 29, 2014 cover

The angry mob guardian spot illustration

New scientidt: the device Goliath

lucern comic book festive thing about robots