Undergrad ad Edinburgh MA at the RCA

NYT mag­a­zine car­toon Seven rea­sons I didnt visit the his­tor­i­cal site on my hol­i­day

The idea of hav­ing some sys­tem, days of the week, an al­pha­bet, sim­i­lar scale etc and do­ing small changes within that sys­tem.

Bukowski: Notes on the pest

Illustrations from lost mys­tery nov­els

Simone Lea at the RCA I sud­denly feel de­pressed would you be of­fended if I went home

Co-published a comic called first while at the RCA

Guardians of the king­dom was the first longer-form story

First il­lus­tra­tion was for the guardian Start a whole new life - move to the city for TimeOut

Self-published stuff Ro­bots Monsters Etc.


William Heath Robinsons in­ven­tions Gary Larsson Judge Dredd

v is for vic­tor squashed un­der a train rusty brown

Richard McGuire Ros Chast (New Yorker)

His comics are less about draw­ing amaz­ing im­ages, but about mak­ing a lan­guage that ca be read. Stick peo­ple are like a type­face. Simple draw­ings also let peo­ple pro­ject them­sleves into the draw­ing. You end up with a com­pli­cated im­age by putting loads of sim­ple el­e­ments to­gether (rather than some vir­tu­osic draw­ing skill). Also this stuff is not just about draw­ing but also com­po­si­tion, page lay­out etc. Very graphic de­sign.

Diet Coke / Heart cam­paign

Moon cop

Nigel Williams, the wim­bel­don tril­ogy book cov­ers

We are all time trav­ellers now guardian cover

New yorker april 16 18 cover New yorker oc­to­ber 29, 2014 cover

The an­gry mob guardian spot il­lus­tra­tion

New sci­en­tidt: the de­vice Go­liath

lucern comic book fes­tive thing about ro­bots