Graphic Designers Sacha Léopold and François Havegeer

Syndicat mainly does publications for cultural institutions.

Villa du Parc

Villa du Parc Centre d'Art Contemporain The idea is to not show main exhibition pieces in communication, rather showing something that refers to the show in a more subtle way. Because the centre is close to Switzerlad, Arial. No fixed logo lockup, fluid identity

Exhibitions about printing techniques, binding techniques

Another show about investigating consumer printing technology - online printers, water transfer printing

A show about small printed objects, ephemera etc. A big show about small objects. Invitations, bookmarks, stickers, wall paper

Mobile inkjet printer for show signage

(Liking the marker pen used for scale)

On ne se souvient que des photographies

profane amateur practice

NASA design manual reprint (Not the American one) Couldn't afford the full spot colours, so did it black and white + NASA red, with a tip-in swatch of the original spot colours. Also added French translations of the original copy.

A similar project on the Paul Rand IBM manual

Artists as Iconographers Book

Artists as Iconographers A new graphic design magazine