RCA Introduction


Debbie Cook

Illustraration tutor Runs a first year elective

Dr Eleni Ikoniadou

Senior Tutor (Research) Also a tutor on graphics

Jon Wozencroft

Senior tutor eperimental communication Electives: Discovery Channel, Design Without

Emilia Noble

1st year tutor Professional practicer person


Camberwell dude (dissertation) Visiting lecturer

Nicky Hamlyn

Experimental Communication Also runs a film screening seminar which I think is in the calendar

Laura Gordon

Graphhics tutor Research Design Publish (ie. RDP) elective Also edits Contentfree

Jack Llewellyn

Visiting lecturer

Jeff Willis

GD lecturer expanded practice 1st year tutor

Leah Fusco


Dr Rathna Ramanathan

Head of programme, also dean of communication

David Blamy



3d workshop on the ground floor have library books sent to the ground floor

Technical spaces

Inductions are on a thing called ConnectTo vc-admins@network.rca.ac.uk email for admin stuff

The Programme

The year ahead

  1. pathway
  2. programme
  3. school
  4. college

Do all of the above during 1st year, specialize during 2nd. Also AcrossRCA.

RCA term diagram 40 credits for each

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
No teaching, but dissertation things 10:00-16:00 Workshops (type family by radim pesko), hand teaches brain, 16:30 bright labyrinth lectures 10:00-13:00 school elective, 14:00-17:00 Critical positions (this is the by Way of Introduction presentation) School elective, Expanded practice School elective (visual forensics), Workshops, Expanded practice

You have to do a school elective, which runs 2 terms and shapes 2nd yeaer Autumn 24 sep - 14 dec pring 7 jan - 5 april summer 29apr - 5 july


The usual. We've been assigned tutors based on our interviews, and they'll email us.

Vice chancellors lecture

Got a suit in.

The perfect place to grow exhibition


Started at sommerset house (the government school of design in those days) Founded 1837 THis was essentially a trade school which trained teenagers Design in those days was mainly copying examples from the past That's why all those plaster casts in the v&a come from

Christopher Dresser modernist teapot

1851 great exhibition Henry Cole and Prince Albert The government school of design in those days was in the henry cole wing at the v&a

1896 the gov sch o d changes its nae to ra Edward Johnston used to teach calligraphy

Henry Moore Barbara Hepworth

THe Mandrake was the first student magazine

Gropius applied for director of the rca in the 30s and didn't get it

The artist is evacuee

Robin Darwin was the first director after ww2 whos charles' great grandson

1951 festival of britain All designed/built by the rca

Brigitte Riley hesitate

Hockney the night I danced the cha cha cha a procession of dignitaries

Sandra Rhodes

Margaret Calvert used to be a tutor Calvert Typeface Calvert Brody typeface

Ridley Scott

Peter Blake used to teach painting beat;es cover

Mischa Black portrait

Ford financed the vehicle design programme in the 60s

James Dyson


Gavin Turk

Innovation design engineering joined programme with imperial college ldn

2012 shanghai expo pavillion David Nelson museum of african american history washington architect

2012 turner prize winners