Debbie Cook

Illustraration tu­tor Runs a first year elec­tive

Dr Eleni Ikoniadou

Senior Tutor (Research) Also a tu­tor on graph­ics

Jon Wozencroft

Senior tu­tor eper­i­men­tal com­mu­ni­ca­tion Elec­tives: Discovery Channel, Design Without

Emilia Noble

1st year tu­tor Pro­fes­sional prac­ticer per­son


Camberwell dude (dissertation) Visiting lec­turer

Nicky Hamlyn

Experimental Communication Also runs a film screen­ing sem­i­nar which I think is in the cal­en­dar

Laura Gordon

Graphhics tu­tor Re­search Design Publish (ie. RDP) elec­tive Also ed­its Contentfree

Jack Llewellyn

Visiting lec­turer

Jeff Willis

GD lec­turer ex­panded prac­tice 1st year tu­tor

Leah Fusco


Dr Rathna Ramanathan

Head of pro­gramme, also dean of com­mu­ni­ca­tion

David Blamy



3d work­shop on the ground floor have li­brary books sent to the ground floor

Technical spaces

Inductions are on a thing called ConnectTo vc-ad­mins@net­ email for ad­min stuff

The Programme

The year ahead

  1. path­way
  2. pro­gramme
  3. school
  4. col­lege

Do all of the above dur­ing 1st year, spe­cial­ize dur­ing 2nd. Also AcrossRCA.

RCA term diagram 40 cred­its for each

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
No teach­ing, but dis­ser­ta­tion things 10:00-16:00 Workshops (type fam­ily by radim pesko), hand teaches brain, 16:30 bright labyrinth lec­tures 10:00-13:00 school elec­tive, 14:00-17:00 Critical po­si­tions (this is the by Way of Introduction pre­sen­ta­tion) School elec­tive, Expanded prac­tice School elec­tive (visual foren­sics), Workshops, Expanded prac­tice

You have to do a school elec­tive, which runs 2 terms and shapes 2nd yeaer Au­tumn 24 sep - 14 dec pring 7 jan - 5 april sum­mer 29apr - 5 july


The usual. We’ve been as­signed tu­tors based on our in­ter­views, and they’ll email us.

Vice chan­cel­lors lec­ture

Got a suit in.

The per­fect place to grow ex­hi­bi­tion


Started at som­mer­set house (the gov­ern­ment school of de­sign in those days) Founded 1837 THis was es­sen­tially a trade school which trained teenagers De­sign in those days was mainly copy­ing ex­am­ples from the past That’s why all those plas­ter casts in the v&a come from

Christopher Dresser modernist teapot

1851 great ex­hi­bi­tion Henry Cole and Prince Albert The gov­ern­ment school of de­sign in those days was in the henry cole wing at the v&a

1896 the gov sch o d changes its nae to ra Ed­ward Johnston used to teach cal­lig­ra­phy

Henry Moore Barbara Hepworth

THe Mandrake was the first stu­dent mag­a­zine

Gropius ap­plied for di­rec­tor of the rca in the 30s and did­n’t get it

The artist is evac­uee

Robin Darwin was the first di­rec­tor af­ter ww2 whos charles’ great grand­son

1951 fes­ti­val of britain All de­signed/​built by the rca

Brigitte Riley hesitate

Hockney the night I danced the cha cha cha a pro­ces­sion of dig­ni­taries

Sandra Rhodes

Margaret Calvert used to be a tu­tor Calvert Typeface Calvert Brody type­face

Ridley Scott

Peter Blake used to teach paint­ing beat;es cover

Mischa Black por­trait

Ford fi­nanced the ve­hi­cle de­sign pro­gramme in the 60s

James Dyson


Gavin Turk

Innovation de­sign en­gi­neer­ing joined pro­gramme with im­pe­r­ial col­lege ldn

2012 shang­hai expo pavil­lion David Nelson museum of african amer­i­can his­tory wash­ing­ton ar­chi­tect

2012 turner prize win­ners