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Programme forums are a way for the school to avoid liability. Minutes go upstairs etc.

Programme Business

Personal Tutors were supposed to email us (what's up Sheena Calvert)

Bright labyrinth

Out of hours events that the programme delivers A series of lectures about digital stuff

Film seminars

happen twice a term, screenings about film and moving imae

The spiral of sound

Twice a month by JOhn Wozencroft in the senior common room at Kensington. Sounds pretty chill

###Tutor Critical Positions is where tutors talk about their positions, htheir work etc. Thhis starts october 31, 6pm. The same thing we do with By way of introduction


A series of group tutorials (largely for Y2s) which is essentially career advice. Also workshops on invoicing etc.

Elenni is acting lead tutor of GD


Gareth polmeer CHS (i.e Critical and Historical Studies, i.e. Dissertation stuff) This also has lectures on mondays Critical positions somethng something Framing Practice

Sian Lund is the EAP (english for academic purposes) person

Cathy Johns is the library person.

Technical FOlks

Ian Gabb Lettepress inductions in a couple weeks

James Russel who we've met before Nery Edwards runs the printing at White City

Welcome to the labyrinth

Started at CSM, there's also a book. Hidden & unseen forces that shape communication practice today. Things that are happening now started 40 years ago, so we'll be looking at history. The dude's a writer and an editor Radio 4 on martian utopias

Microsoft 1994: Where do you want to go today? These were the first computers designed to connect to modems

It sums up a world we have gotten used to - mobile computing & connectivity.

'Now you can get four clicks into the organization'

Ovid cataloged every mth that describes a transformation - "Metamorphisis"

'Minos resolved to remove his shame, the moniotair, from his house, and hide it aaway in a labyrinth with blind passageways. Deadalus, celebrated for his skill in architecture, laid our tthe design and confused the clues ro direction and led the eye into a tortuous maze, by the windings of alternating paths'

Deadalous is the first engineer/designer recorde in western history

NIetzsche: If we dared and willed an architecture...

Jorge Lusi Borges I know of a greek labyrinth that is a single straight line..

Hillary Clinton people taking a backwards selfie

THis isn't to say that technology is bad, but let's investigate when it changes ou behaviour: Suddenly these people arent facing clinton anymore - the labyrinth emerging.

The bright labyrinth == the digital regime

We talk about digital aesthetics, and culture but that isn't enough. We have to look at the networked computer as something that creates new legalities, ways of identifcation etc.

Visual communication today

Real time processing - we're used to stuff happening in real time. Back in the day things took time to process - where do you want to go today - whererever it is, I want to go now.

[email for the pdf]

SOud vision and movement

as different formats become more integrated, we start dealing more in basic categories in sound, vision, and movement Instagram isn't really a set format, theres text, video, sound, things that disappear etc

Interdisciplinary thinkning

Why don't we use communication as a platform to generate interdisciplinary thinking Caroline Edwards

Process as a new form of performance

If we'e no longer dealig with shape (what should typesetting be, what should illustration be), maybe we can get rid of the idea of the fixed outcome book, print etc() as well. Maybe the process can be an outcome in itself.

Modern design is modern thought

IN the 20th century, music was a leader of thought. Now it's design and communication.

Time based interaction, performance is what we're dealing with now. London unreal city

[IBM ads]

Marshall McLuhann

Without an anti environment, all environments are invisible. The role fo the artist is to create an anti environment as a means of perception and adjustment

For McLuhan, an environment is an invisible set of influences

How do we create an anti evironment

[The blue marble photograph] You look at the photograph as this document of earth being beautiful and fragile, but there's also a hurricane going on. It's the biggest selfie we ever took

[Weird influencer staged what it's like when she gets up in the morning] LIsterne product placement, the pancakes are taco shells, there's no tea in the cup People were screengrabbing this instantly, ie. real time

Kids in front of nightguard No-one in the nightgaurd is looking at each other - what's the difference between that and the kids? Nothing, just different tech.