Theatre Hiroshi Sugimoto: Cinema Dome (1993)

A sin­gle ex­po­sure of an en­tire film. Part of a se­ries.

CHS Platform Lectures

Every week un­til December (8 in to­tal)

CHS Practice Workshop

Every other week (4 in to­tal) These are es­sen­tially writ­ing work­shops. for sched­ul­ing is­sues etc.

CHS Handbook Yay mark­ing cri­te­ria. Also sub­mis­sion dates etc. Also a read­ing list for the work­shops.

Also part of this ka­bal:

We sub­mit a pro­posal in December, then start do­ing drafts in January.

Perception , Present, Perspectives

McLuhan: Understanding Media

TO be­hold, use or per­cieve any ex­ten­sion of our­selves in tech­no­log­icl form in nec­es­sar­ily…

Blake: Jerusalem

if per­spec­tive or­gans vary…

McLuhan The age of co-pres­ence of all in­di­vid­u­als is the age of com­mu­ni­ca­tion - the age of in­stant hu­mans. Coumputer data-banks dis­solve the hu­man im­age

Gareth’s writ­ten some pa­pers.

Sarah Snaith

Design writer, ed­i­tor and ed­u­ca­tor As­sis­tant ed­i­tor of Eye and Pulp

Loads of ar­ti­cles in Eye

Creative Review

You can now

Pulp (which is a Fedrigoni thing) De­sign 360


Dr Rosa Ainley

PhD in ar­chi­tec­ture.


Currently do­ing work on wait­ing / wait­ing rooms.


Dr Helga Schmid

Researcher, writer, ed­i­tor etc.

PhD on Uchronia (alternative time sys­tems, ie. utopias for time) Time at the in­ter­sec­tion of de­sign chronoso­ci­ol­ogy and chrono­bi­ol­ogy

Teaches on IED.

Recent piece at Istanbul Design Biennial Currently de­signer in res­i­dence at the Design Museum

Dr Claudia Dutson

PhD in ar­chi­tec­ture at the RCA: Thermanl Performance Chapters in:

Current re­search: The ar­chi­tec­ture of Silicon Valley Drawing, VR, foren­sic meth­ods, ie. weirdly enor­mous Facebook ofice This is go­ing into a mono­graph Foren­sic ar­chi­tec­ture: Not aes­thet­ics that rep­re­sent, aes­thet­ics that gen­er­ate knowl­edge

Communication ar­ti­facts

Agnes Denes: Wheatfield, A Confrontation