Remediation, Translation & Evolution

RePecci: Dance has become a crucial referrent for thinking about art

Intermedia Chart (Dick Higgins 1995) [piece]

THis is a us composer, writer and printer. Intermedia work falls between categories of work that are known We're looking at dance, design and art.

Gormley, griffiths, and others work with dancers.

Dance WOrks at raven row

Tate musee de dance

This stuff are examples of how dance has entered museums, but dance also exists in print

All of this dance - art stuff goes back to ballet rousse but we're talking about post-cunningham

18 happenings 1959 John cage, capro

Tree of codes

[this is a book] where the die cutting thing was invented THis is from Street of Crocodiles concrete poetry. present /future events in the narrative, background/foreground

The humument, a treated victorian novel This is essentially blackout poetry

The humiment becomes a ballet. Reader/book becomes audience/performer This maybe wasn't narratively accurate but physically accurate

The choreograohy is kind of based on the cover "the piece enticingly reveals the kinetics of the body" Dark stage, dancers only lit by their costumes (removes the body of the dancer)


Sets by ollafur eliasson, score by jamie xx

Is this an act of remediation, translation, or evolution

Off the stage

Wayne McGregor at the wellcome (2015): Thinking with the body

THis uses digitial tech and cognitive science Some kind of digital system that records movemnt

A show about fatique [video of this]

turbine hall: Cunningham happening: Event Dance in and among audiences

restraied acoustic elements resonate not only (1972)

henri michaux: mouvements Marie something translates this book into choreography

nyt criticises this

[graphic scores] going back to the humument Some are abstract (brick wall), others are illustrative

tom phillips: graphic scroe for six of hearts an eighteenth-century dace by kellum tomlasson a floor plan for a piece called in real time

modern dancers all have their own systems to write down dance (there is no single system)

eye magazine on dance notation: time motion symbol and line

wester classical music developed the way in part because it found a way...

How do you record dance (without taking video or phitgraphs from various angles)

[dance posters] wetzlarer festspiele armin hoffman giselle peter hoch: ballet in stuttgart

Musee de la Danse (2015)

Dance in museums are often part of educational prgrams, museums trying to bring in different audiences merce cunningham: dancing around the bride at the barbican

historical dances in an antique seting (tate)

new movement collective (do be do 2016) all this can happen (whitechapel) Caude ensemble at hackney shorooms polyphonic playrgound: museum of arts and design

[dance in the gallery] Ewan R: work off the trained body, autobiography

Museums can't really buy / collect dance and performance, the documentation becoms the work (which the dancers don#t get royalties for)

Falls the shadow (2017) Guggenheim works and process

A 140 character review of this:

It seems impossible to do this by looking at the video. This isn't an attempt at documentation, it's an ad. I could maybe criticise the film making (too much camera movement)

Magazines to Apps to Magazines

Dance Ink (1990-95)

How can a piece of performance made to be photogrpahed (performed for the camera)

2wice THe magazine as the venue for performance

Both of these use photography, typesetting, design Most other publishing is pretty boring compared to this

THe ipad as a venue for dance - a new space. Of course the issue that you need an expensive ipad to play these (and they become obsolete and stop working on new devices) (make a website then)

2wice (2011) just a reframing of an earlier issue The later apps really use the space of the ipad (5th wall) to do interesting things Dances for camera

BY yourself, you have an individual performance that you can control and author

dot dot dot YOu tap tthe dots, the dancer moves around, music happens

all of this is done by pentagram

passpartout This has a graphic score type thing - you brng people on and off stage

They did these apps, then went back to a magazine