RePecci: Dance has be­come a cru­cial re­fer­rent for think­ing about art

Intermedia Chart (Dick Higgins 1995) [piece]

THis is a us com­poser, writer and printer. Intermedia work falls be­tween cat­e­gories of work that are known We’re look­ing at dance, de­sign and art.

Gormley, grif­fiths, and oth­ers work with dancers.

Dance WOrks at raven row

Tate musee de dance

This stuff are ex­am­ples of how dance has en­tered mu­se­ums, but dance also ex­ists in print

All of this dance - art stuff goes back to bal­let rousse but we’re talk­ing about post-cun­ning­ham

18 hap­pen­ings 1959 John cage, capro

Tree of codes

[this is a book] where the die cut­ting thing was in­vented THis is from Street of Crocodiles concrete po­etry. pre­sent /future events in the nar­ra­tive, back­ground/​fore­ground

The hu­mu­ment, a treated vic­to­rian novel This is es­sen­tially black­out po­etry

The hu­mi­ment be­comes a bal­let. Reader/book be­comes au­di­ence/​per­former This maybe was­n’t nar­ra­tively ac­cu­rate but phys­i­cally ac­cu­rate

The chore­ograohy is kind of based on the cover the piece en­tic­ingly re­veals the ki­net­ics of the body” Dark stage, dancers only lit by their cos­tumes (removes the body of the dancer)


Sets by ol­la­fur elias­son, score by jamie xx

Is this an act of re­me­di­a­tion, trans­la­tion, or evo­lu­tion

Off the stage

Wayne McGregor at the well­come (2015): Thinking with the body

THis uses digi­tial tech and cog­ni­tive sci­ence Some kind of dig­i­tal sys­tem that records movemnt

A show about fa­tique [video of this]

tur­bine hall: Cunningham hap­pen­ing: Event Dance in and among au­di­ences

re­straied acoustic el­e­ments res­onate not only (1972)

henri michaux: mou­ve­ments Marie some­thing trans­lates this book into chore­og­ra­phy

nyt crit­i­cises this

[graphic scores] go­ing back to the hu­mu­ment Some are ab­stract (brick wall), oth­ers are il­lus­tra­tive

tom phillips: graphic scroe for six of hearts an eigh­teenth-cen­tury dace by kel­lum tom­las­son a floor plan for a piece called in real time

mod­ern dancers all have their own sys­tems to write down dance (there is no sin­gle sys­tem)

eye mag­a­zine on dance no­ta­tion: time mo­tion sym­bol and line

wester clas­si­cal mu­sic de­vel­oped the way in part be­cause it found a way…

How do you record dance (without tak­ing video or phit­graphs from var­i­ous an­gles)

[dance posters] wet­zlarer fest­spiele armin hoff­man giselle pe­ter hoch: bal­let in stuttgart

Musee de la Danse (2015)

Dance in mu­se­ums are of­ten part of ed­u­ca­tional prgrams, mu­se­ums try­ing to bring in dif­fer­ent au­di­ences merce cun­ning­ham: danc­ing around the bride at the bar­bi­can

his­tor­i­cal dances in an an­tique set­ing (tate)

new move­ment col­lec­tive (do be do 2016) all this can hap­pen (whitechapel) Caude en­sem­ble at hack­ney shorooms poly­phonic playr­gound: mu­seum of arts and de­sign

[dance in the gallery] Ewan R: work off the trained body, au­to­bi­og­ra­phy

Museums can’t re­ally buy / col­lect dance and per­for­mance, the doc­u­men­ta­tion be­coms the work (which the dancers don#t get roy­al­ties for)

Falls the shadow (2017) Guggenheim works and process

A 140 char­ac­ter re­view of this:

It seems im­pos­si­ble to do this by look­ing at the video. This is­n’t an at­tempt at doc­u­men­ta­tion, it’s an ad. I could maybe crit­i­cise the film mak­ing (too much cam­era move­ment)

Magazines to Apps to Magazines

Dance Ink (1990-95)

How can a piece of per­for­mance made to be pho­togr­pa­hed (performed for the cam­era)

2wice THe mag­a­zine as the venue for per­for­mance

Both of these use pho­tog­ra­phy, type­set­ting, de­sign Most other pub­lish­ing is pretty bor­ing com­pared to this

THe ipad as a venue for dance - a new space. Of course the is­sue that you need an ex­pen­sive ipad to play these (and they be­come ob­so­lete and stop work­ing on new de­vices) (make a web­site then)

2wice (2011) just a re­fram­ing of an ear­lier is­sue The later apps re­ally use the space of the ipad (5th wall) to do in­ter­est­ing things Dances for cam­era

BY your­self, you have an in­di­vid­ual per­for­mance that you can con­trol and au­thor

dot dot dot YOu tap tthe dots, the dancer moves around, mu­sic hap­pens

all of this is done by pen­ta­gram

pass­partout This has a graphic score type thing - you brng peo­ple on and off stage

They did these apps, then went back to a mag­a­zine