Guidance for the Dissertation

The pro­posal can be pretty loose.

The dis­ser­ta­tion can have for­mal ideas - is it a screen-based thing, is tehre in­ter­ac­tion, or is it a book. See also the CHS Handbook

Learning Outcomes

Le Proposal

Polmeer: Sequences and Intervals

This is an ex­am­ple of writ­ing a few hun­dred words about each of a spe­cific word. (Could be use­ful re Operational Images, Database/Archive)

After the End (A comic by Anthony Bourdain)

Zuckerberg say­ing we don’t want a Gehry cam­pus, we want a Facebook cam­pus with some Gehry touches”

eros the pri­vate pas­sions of sil­i­con val­ley

DOcumenting read­ing on­line in a low-fi way is a smart idea.

[Full Dome] Is a pro­jec­tion map­ping thing on a full dome

European Newsstream could be use­ful for the colour lan­guage pro­ject.