April 18 Bridging Talk

Content on the sheet are relevant but dates are for Illustration only. Will be looking at Unit 7 and 8 Work, no target of people to get on ba Get a merit on average (c-), get on the bridging unit prepare a project to do through 3rd year, also dissertation bridging unit outcomes: evaluation, proposal for 3rd year

sheena calvert running unit 9 look at some old dissertations 6000-8000 open subject 1/3 of the degree mark (unit 9) dissertation is 75% of unit 9, professional portfolio is 25% 5th december dissertation handin primary/secondary

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Friday, June 22

Show ideas

Possible Unit 9 Topics (Dissertation)

Things you think you are good at

Things you don't want to do

What scale / format would you like to try out


Make a mindmap about the dissertation

Wednesday, June 28

Thursday, June 29

Jake Notes

Trees and ballpoint drawings are about labour a machine doing it for you people always ask how "" the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction yuri suzuki muaic, use of technology in music rube goldberg machines needlessly elaborate news from nowhere, william morris

sam winston birth day abstract data stuff

machine drawings become about content romeo and juliet is sort f the opposite, super irrational etc

Friday, June 30

PRP talks


Mandalas created from a system Ancient art, ancient cultures Carl Jung Pollock


Dissertation on board games on the silk road


feminism and censorship of female bodies in the past the curch used to dictate what people were allowed to show, now it's sillicon valley dissertation on the same thing how it used to be in art in the past vs now on tfhe internet Original 60s feminism vs our modern view on things


Public spaces and human behaviour hospitals always have the same lighting, can't tell wether it's day or night fear of empty spaces andreas gursky

Research Questions


Write a 400 word or more dissertation proposal This can be bullet points, more or less expanded Based on the questions, do some initial research

Dissertation Proposal

Initial interest came up when I learned theres a number of buildings in my hometown by Hermann Blomeier - a student of Mies van der Rohe's at the bauhaus (an one of its last graduates). Most of these were built in the 60s, when the economy had started to recover. The list includes a rowing club, a ferry terminal and a water treatment plant. (There seems to be a small amount of academic research on this, but I havent' been able to source the bulk of it yet)

I'm interested in the less high-profile bulidings designed by baauhaus-trained architects. It's generally accepted that few designs coming out of the bauhaus ever made it to mass production - Breuers steel tube chairs being one of them. However this doesn't seem to be the case for architecture - even while the bauhaus was still active, teachers and graduates completed a number of projects. There are of course the Barcelona-Pavillion, the Haus am Horn and the bauhaus building itself, but van der Rohe, Gropius and others also built a number of factories, housing estates and municipal buildings (Engels, Meyer 2006).

There doesn't seem to exist a proper database of bauhaus buldings, the closest I could find was the book by Meyer and Engels - potential for some primary research over the summer.

An interesting aspect might be to see ow these buldings were judged, used and changed over time. This varied considerably between east and west Germany - While the communist government held up the bauhaus buildings for their economic use of materials and futuristic outlook, the west regarded them as "an episode to be got over" (Birkhauser, 1998). The buildings have also been modified over time - the rowing club in my hometown bears little resemblance to the original drawings. It would be interesting to find out if mid-century modernism is seeing a similar revival as brutalism is in this country.

greenwhich town hall from bauhaus to our house pessac worker bulidings by le corbusier people changing the buildign as soon as they were sold, putting up flower pots etc, painting the walls

anna ridler

email sheena proposal article on people pretending to be robots images of rowing club do presentation on evaluation and proposal on both dissertation and ips draft of the presentation ready by monday 17th write dissertation 500 words, will be printed and people wll annotate each others work