Who Counts?

Day 1

Non-Human Publishing

Wikipedia has bot users to update categories and things. MediaWiki has no special interface to indiciate that a user is non-human. Cydebot is the most prolific editor on Wikipedia at 5.1m edits.

We tend to think of Wikipedia as this big human endeavour, but there's actually lots of automated labour going on.

Even good bots fight: The case of WIkipedia says that Wikipedia bots soemtimes get into edit wars.

Publishing is thought of as humans making something public for other humans, but it turns out WIkipedia bots and others also publish stuff all the time. This is not happening in the future.

Automated writing in the news business, like AP automating quarterly earnings report articles, Washington post local sports coverage. Interestingly the AP coverage increases trading -- being covered in the publication helps companies.

2016 flash crash (the pound dipped by 6% almost instantly). Turns out it was algorithmic traders. With the AP thing, you can imagine a bot writing a story, then bots trading on that story using sentiment analysis, then more stories etc.

So, bots are entangled with humans, and also each other. We also arguably publish for bots by feeding data into them. See GPT-2.

Barthes: Deat of the author

[Project Debater] An IBM project that chains together a language model, language comprehension and knowledge graphs. Trained on Aristotle?

Day 2

BUreau of artificial intelligence

how do you feel about abortion it's your views that matter

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