Type Methods

Notes from Type Methods at the Royal College of Art

7 November

Hoping to develop a typeface out of this lettering I did:

Cars to ploughshares poster

Maybe also take some stuff from Node Paint (extended pen nib).

Lettering sketch Lettering sketch

14 November

Lettering animation frame

Above might be useful for bold weights down the line.

15 November

Hamburg 1

17 November

Type sample

V1 of the uppercase nearly finished. I'm trying to keep the wiggles in the same position vertically, so I can eventually kern the letters into each other like I did in the original lettering. Consistency is good, but might lead to the letters looking too similar (boring).

The number of wiggles (left-right-left from top to bottom) makes the letters quite busy — maybe number of squiggles could relate to optical size? I like them in the O and R, much too pointy in "W" and "A". Weight also inconsistent.