Type Methods

Notes from Type Methods at the Royal College of Art

7 November

Hoping to de­velop a type­face out of this let­ter­ing I did:

Cars to ploughshares poster

Maybe also take some stuff from Node Paint (extended pen nib).

Lettering sketch Lettering sketch

14 November

Lettering animation frame

Above might be use­ful for bold weights down the line.

15 November

Hamburg 1

17 November

Type sample

V1 of the up­per­case nearly fin­ished. I’m try­ing to keep the wig­gles in the same po­si­tion ver­ti­cally, so I can even­tu­ally kern the let­ters into each other like I did in the orig­i­nal let­ter­ing. Consistency is good, but might lead to the let­ters look­ing too sim­i­lar (boring).

The num­ber of wig­gles (left-right-left from top to bot­tom) makes the let­ters quite busy — maybe num­ber of squig­gles could re­late to op­ti­cal size? I like them in the O and R, much too pointy in W” and A”. Weight also in­con­sis­tent.