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Online ex­hi­bi­tion web­site for the 2021 graphic de­sign co­hort at Camberwell College of Arts.
Browser screenshot showing degree show website

The site is built on the Wordpress/ACF/Timber stack. I’ve built these show sites on the Jamstack be­fore, but this site has so many im­ages and videos I needed some­thing more ro­bust. This setup also al­lows the de­sign pro­gramme to host the site them­selves on a re­tail host­ing ac­count at cam­ber­well­graph­icde­ We’re plan­ning to host fu­ture sites at the same do­main, and we’ll mi­grate ear­lier ones there, too.

The type­face is Redaction, drawn by Jeremy Mickel for the 2019 ex­hibit of the same name at MoMa PS1.

Design by Georgia Chambers, Giuseppe Madera and Harry Boulter. Development and ad­di­tional de­sign by me. Supervised by Emily Wood, Robert Sollis, and Thomas Adank.

View the live site at