Design, development, and automated print design for a publishing platform for students and staff at Kingston School of Art.
Screenshot shows website with list of articles in large serif type on white background. Title reads: Dialogues
Screenshot shows website with article in large serif type on light yellow background. Title reads: Issue One / Identities, a photograph of a bulls' head made of paper-mache is seen.
Scan shows publication cover printed on light yellow paper. Title in large serif type reads: Issue One / Identities / Dialogues
Scan shows inside pages of publication printed on light yellow paper. Left: Table of contents, Right: Editorial printed in large serif type.

A repository for words and images produced by Illustration Animation students, staff and researchers at Kingston School of Art.

Design by William Jacobson at Europa and me, development by me. Additional help from Geoffrey Grandfield, Rachel Gannon, and Cicely Pilkington at Kingston.

The site is built on the Wordpress/Timber/ACF stack. Printed editions are generated using Paged.js. Both are typeset in GT Alpina (Reto Moser/Grilli Type), Neue Haas Unica (Toshi Omagari/Monotype) and OS-native emojies.

View the site at www.dialogues.network.