Teaching ma­chines to draw

My fi­nal year at Camberwell College of Arts was fo­cused around the idea of teach­ing ma­chines to draw. It’s some­thing that hu­mans have been do­ing for a long time, from Gutenberg’s print­ing press in the 14th, Jaquet-Droz’s draw­ing au­tomata in the 18th and Google’s DeepDream in the 21st cen­tury. I en­gaged with this his­tory through pri­mary re­search, build­ing a num­ber of draw­ing ma­chines us­ing dif­fer­ent mech­a­nisms, draw­ing medi­ums and con­trol al­go­rithms.

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The re­sult is a body of re­search con­tain­ing pho­tographs, writ­ten notes, Javascript code, phys­i­cal pro­to­types and draw­ings com­pleted by the ma­chine.

My code is avail­able on Github.