This must be the place

Portfolio web­site for the artist Harry Boulter.
Browser screenshot showing website with an irregular grid and a large, black and white repropduction of an open book. Title reads: This must be the place

After work­ing to­gether on Hot New Graphic Designers in Your Area and Moving Fast, Harry ap­proached me to re­build his per­sonal port­fo­lio site.

The ba­sic de­sign idea is to show a vis­i­ble grid that re­flects the num­ber of im­ages con­tained in a given pro­ject. On the in­dex page we stack all these grids, pro­duc­ing a di­a­gram­matic view of Harry’s body of work. In de­tail views, we use the same grid to show films, ti­tles, meta in­for­ma­tion, and long-form de­scrip­tions of each pro­ject. The reg­u­lar­ity of the grid and sup­port­ing type plays well with Harry’s ex­pres­sive im­agery.

The site is built with Composer/Wordpress/Timber/ACF, the type­face is Canela by Miguel Reyes, Ilya Ruderman, and Panos Haratzopoulos (Commercial Type).

Design by Harry Boulter and me, de­vel­op­ment by me. View the site at har­ry­boul­