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Since 2010, graphic designer Eilis Searson has held a yearly critical symposium in defence of sentimentality, foil garlands, and the film Love Actually itself. After writing a dissertation at Camberwell College of Arts on the subject in 2010, Eilis has gathered crowds year after year, in her celebration of (the almost sculptural possibilities of) Iceland christmas platters, kitsch and Martine McCutcheon. This year the event moves online for the first time as a result of the national lockdown.

The site is built in React with a Netlify CMS backend and uses an embedded Twitch stream and Twitch chat. It's typeset in Arial by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders in various weights and distortions.

Concept and art direction by Eilis Searson, music by Jamie She, design and development by me.

View the live site at