Many peo­ple are typ­ing is a new dis­cus­sion plat­form/​pub­li­ca­tion-progress about the en­vi­ron­ments, so­cial struc­tures, and economies where de­sign is taught and prac­ticed by Kat McGrath, Roland Ross, me, and Julia Schäfer.

Content for the site is pro­duced in a pri­vate Slack chan­nel, and au­to­mat­i­cally pub­lished to the web­site through a cus­tom Slack app and ex­press back­end. The front-end is writ­ten in React. Design and con­cept by Ross, McGrath, Schäfer and me, code by me.

Reckless Light from Displaay Foundry and Aktiv Grotesk from Dalton Maag are used for dis­play and text.

Read the full an­nounce­ment on Content Free, and view the live site at manypeo­pleare­typ­