Space Lapse

Lettering and graphic de­sign for the RCA Sculpture’s de­layed grad­u­a­tion show.
The words 'Space Lapse' are rendered in soft, black pixels.

For the main let­ter­ing, I ren­dered the ti­tle of the show on a 5x3 grid. I looked at a num­ber of ref­er­ences for this: This 1968 poster by Wim Crowel was on my mind. I also like the soft cuts of MD Eight, and my let­ter­ing shares the 5x3 grid with Tiny.

After I had worked out the let­ter­forms on pa­per, I wrote a Drawbot script to pro­duce the vec­tors. This is the first time I’ve used Drawbot for pro­duc­tion work, and it felt great. There’s some­thing ex­cit­ing about leav­ing stan­dard de­sign soft­ware be­hind and ap­ply­ing a whole new tool­chain to a real-world de­sign prob­lem.

Building the let­ter­ing with code al­lowed me to pro­duce things like an an­i­mated ver­sion of the let­ter­ing very eas­ily, just by chang­ing a few in­put vari­ables.

The sup­port­ing type­face is Everson Mono by Michael Everson.

The words 'Space Lapse' are rendered in black pixels. They shift upwards in a continuous loop.

The show an­nounce­ment is up on the Royal Society of Sculptor’s web­site, and the source­code for the iden­tity is on Github.