Walkative Society Posters

Posters for various events organised by the Walkative Society at the Royal College of Art, London. All of these are letterpress-printed by hand from a combination of lasercut and laser-engraved plates, and traditional metal type.

Scan of the Dark Fibres poster

Dark Fibre Network Drift (2019). Letterpress (3 runs) on Southbank Book, 450x640mm.

Scan of LA/London Poster

London / Los Angeles (2019). Letterpress (2 runs) on Southbank Book. 640x450mm.

Scan of the chinatown poster

Chinatown on the Move (2019). Letterpress (2 runs) and inkjet on Southbank Book. 640x450mm.

Scan of the Animal Spirits poster

The Animal Spirits: A Walk Through the Square Mile (2020). Letterpress (3 runs) Context Natural. 500x700mm.