Eilis Searson

Portfolio web­site for the de­signer and lec­turer Eilis Searson
Screenshot of web browser showing eilissearson.com. An image of a green and black book cover appears on top of a vibrant Risograph print. Large text reads 'Walking Cities: London'. The website's navigation is overlaid in all-uppercase, white type and reads 'EILIS SEARSON - SELECTED WORKS.'
Screenshot of web browser showing a project page  on eilissearson.com. Heavy, black, sans-serif type is set on a bright yellow background. Scanned images of a magazine sit between the paragraphs. The title reads 'BIGFOOT NEWS'.
Screenshot of web browser showing a project page on eilissearson.com. A large image of a blue plastic chair on a shiny green floor appears on a light pink background. The cursor looks like  Mickey Mouse's hand.

Portfolio web­site for the London-based de­signer and lec­turer Eilis Searson. The site doc­u­ments Eilis’s work as a se­ries of self-con­tained, art-di­rected sto­ries that cap­ture the vi­va­cious spirit of each pro­ject.

The ty­pog­ra­phy of the in­di­vid­ual pro­ject en­tries (particularly the use of a heavy sans-serif for body­copy, wide para­graph in­dents, and ver­ti­cal im­age cap­tions) comes from John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, a for­ma­tive book for Eilis and me.

The book 'Ways of Seeing' is open on page 92-93. A few paragraphs in heavy type and three small, black and white images are visible.

Ways of Seeing (1972) by John Berger and Mike Dibb, de­signed by Richard Hollis.

We con­sid­ered set­ting the site in Univers Black to match the book, but our dig­i­tal ver­sion did­n’t have the strength of what Richard Hollis was us­ing in 1972. Instead we used Arial (Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders) in Regular, Black, and a cus­tom squished cut I orig­i­nally pro­duced for the read­ings on love­ac­tu­ally.works. It’s more en­er­getic, and con­nects bet­ter with Eilis’s work.

Concept, art di­rec­tion, writ­ing and stick­ers by Eilis Searson. Design, de­vel­op­ment, font en­gi­neer­ing and Mickey Mouse cur­sor by me.

View the live site at eilis­sear­son.com.